Authentic Detroit Style Pizza in San Diego!

Full 4 Slice Pan Pizzas

Full 4 Slice Pan Pizzas

8" x 10" Pan Pizzas, hand crafted the authentic Detroit style in steel pans with crispy caramelized cheese edges & light fluffy 80% hydration dough.

Full Ezzo SS Pepperoni Pizza
Full Buffalo Chicken Pizza
Full Lions TIgers & Wolverines Pizza
Guests Recommend Us!
Tim W.

"Pete's pizza is hands down the best pizza I've had. Plus Pete is a straight up good dude."

Danielle L.

"This pizza is everything. If you love Detroit style, it's the only one in California worth trying.
If you are asking yourself, what's Detroit style? Go try it! But only here, the other places I've had out west... can't even be considered in the same league as this. Well done!"

Jenni G.

"BEST PIZZA EVA!!!! everything is delicious. Pete's cool too 😋"

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Visit Our Other Locations!

Visit Our Other Locations!

Angry Petes Pizza inside of
Lakeside Little Miss Brewing
12245 Woodside Ave, Lakeside, CA 92040

Angry Petes Pizza inside of
Poway Little Miss Brewing
12265 Scripps Poway Pkwy ste 113, Poway, CA 92064